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Snowbike Riding In New Zealand

Snowbike Riding in New Zealand Pushes Your Limits

You could go skiing. You could take a bucolic sleigh ride with your loved one. You could finally work out all that pent up adrenaline when you go snow bike riding with Snowmoto. Leave the civilized streets of Queenstown behind and hop into our off-road truck. We will take you up into the mountains and then hop on our supercharged bikes equipped with tracks and skis to navigate the virgin powder of the Southern Peaks. We keep track of where the snow fell last night and take you to the best spots for true winter sport fun.


Catch Big Air and Plow through Drifts with Snowbike Riding

In the warm summer months, you get the biggest kick by revving up your dirt bike. Find the same excitement when you sign up for snow bike riding in New Zealand. Go for a half or full-day tour. Just bring your own cold weather gear (layers are good,) a helmet if you have one, and some pocket friendly snacks. Goggles are needed to keep the blowing snow and ice out of your face. You will be knee deep in the fluffy white stuff and climbing mountain sides powered by a 450 cc engine. Serious fun!


High-Octane Excitement on Snow Covered Peaks

Do you want to get out of town for two days of adrenaline pumping excitement? We also have an overnight package that includes accommodation in a backcountry hut. After exploring the mountain peaks with your group of up to six, come inside and share some stories around the stove while your gear dries off for more fun in the morning. Nobody will believe what you did back in the office. Pics will be required.

Whether you are on a winter holiday in nearby Queenstown or just want to mix things up on the South Island, give us a call at Snowmoto to reserve your guided snow bike tour today.


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