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Dirt Bike Riding

Dirt Bike Riding in the Snow! A Unique NZ Experience

Are you an avid fan of dirt bike riding? Are the roads snow covered and you need something to crank up your adrenaline? Snowmoto New Zealand is here to fuel your need for speed with unique snow bikes that take your dirt bike body and mix things up with a ski and track ready to take you plowing through drifts, skipping over banks, and riding over the stunning scenery of the Southern Alps. Our guided tours provide the machine and a local expert to guarantee a day of extreme excitement.


Amplify Your Vacation with a Half or Full-Day Guided Snowbike Tour

It's your choice! Sign up for a half-day tour that gives you about 2.5 hours of ride time, enough to gain confidence maintaining balance while working the brake, clutch, and accelerator. If that just isn't enough to sate your desire for gas-powered fun, sign up for a full day tour! We drive you up to the mountains with the snow bikes and then take you on an extended exploration of pristine mountainsides. Your friends will truly be envious of these selfie pics!


Your Epic Answer for What to do in Queenstown

If you are on holiday and what to know options for what to do in Queenstown, Snowmoto is totally your answer. After you have checked out the Skyline, Fear Factory, and all the local restaurants, release that pent up energy with one of our snow bike tours. Just look up while in the city and you will see the towering tips of the mountains where we will be heading. Make sure to bundle up, pack some snacks, and get ready for fun.

Click or call today to reserve your snow bike tour at Snowmoto. Check out our FAQ page for important tips and information.


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