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  • Bike Binderz L track is our #1 choice for tying down dirt bikes because of the clean anchors and affordable price. Usually ships between 1 and 3 days.
  • Bike Binderz are an innovative way to lock down your motocross bike in the back of your truck, trailer , Motovan or toy-hauler

    Our simple, lightweight and durable device eliminates tie-downs, bulky wheel chocks and not to mention that un-wanted pressure on the suspension. Designed to evolve with you   50CC – 450 we guarantee you’ll never have another headache with tie-downs.

    15% Restock fee on all returns, scratched Binderz are not returnable.

    Kit includes 
    - 2 Binderz
    - 2 Two inch single point L track floor anchor's
    - 1/4 inch stainless steel hardware
    Extra L Track floor anchor's sold separately 

    Working load limit 275lbs

    Bike Binderz - Dirtbike

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