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Mountain Tours

Mountain Tours Totally Off the Beaten Path

Maybe your parents are happy to take a mountain tour that brings you to the scenic lookout for a quick pic and then straight to the restaurant for lunch. So not your style. The mountain tours at Snowmoto NZ include you, a snow bike, and miles of virgin snow waiting for you to crank up the engine and unleash some excitement. Whether you sign up for a half or whole day of fun, there is no doubt that you will get back to the hotel room feeling rejuvenated and eager to share your experience with the entire world.


Gear Up for the Best Snowbike Tours on the Planet

Our tours run all winter long. When the snow is falling, we are getting ready to hit the trails. Each of our snow bikes are equipped with a rugged suspension, front ski, and powerful rear track ready to climb up snow covered mountains and roll through drifts while the roar of the engine fuels your pulse. Yes, you will need all your cold weather riding gear, goggles, a helmet, and some snacks. We provide the machine.


The Perfect Mix of Exploring Remote Places, Snowmobiling, and Winter Fun

Why are we the best snow bike tours around? There is no typical day in the mountains for us. Before leaving Queenstown, we check all the snow reports to find the peak with the freshest snow cover. In addition to stunning vistas, we also deliver an athletic challenge ready to put your riding skills to the test. Exhilarating, breathless, and heart pounding fun.

Check out our FAQ page to learn more about our machines and different packages. Our snow bike guided tours are available for groups of two to six. Reserve your Snowmoto experience today!


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